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Sofia Coppola copied my photos for Dior

            Sofia Coppola supports Marc Jacobs
            in his cruel game against me

I am Angel Barta, writer and fashion designer. Marc Jacobs has been using my ideas without my permission since 2008. There are more articles with photos and details on my blog.

   When I met Marc Jacobs he introduced me to his long time best friend Sofia Coppola. They have been supporting each other for 20 years.
Sofia and Marc in 2004
  Back in 2008 I really believed in Marc Jacobs, in his love and that he would marry me and tell the world that he loved me. He asked me to take new photos for him every day, make new concepts and stylings... so he would make the biggest topmodel out of me, if I help him.

   During that time I took most of photos at Palais Royal in Paris, wearing my special outfits, being sorrounded by flowers, roses. I was aware that Marc Jacobs was going to use my ideas for himself, but I did not see this coming that his friends will take advantage of me and my ideas also.
  I was astonished when the Miss Dior Cherie commercial directed by Sofia Coppola, came out.
She copied more of my photos, and my style. It was Sofia's first fashion commercial ever.

 It seems that Marc did not like the idea of other people copying my unique ideas too. He wanted my talent only for himself. He became mad at Sofia and gave a break to his friendship with her. Between 2009 and 2011 they were not seen together.
  Then in 2011 they became friends again, since Marc needed Sofia's power and contacts in the film industry. She helped him to make the Fanning sisters more famous. Read my article on the Fannings here.

Sofia gave the Life Time achievement award to Marc in 2011
To celebrate their renewed friendship, Marc asked Sofia to give her name for the Cruise 2012 Louis Vuitton collection. You can read in the magazines that Sofia designed the whole collection, but actually more pieces of the collection, even the lookbook was copied after me.

The Miss Dior Cherie pictures...

I used to take many photos at flower shops on the streets of Paris... even the dress of the girl looks a lot like my pale pink dress.

The Cruise Collection 2012 Louis Vuitton

KATIE Grand and CAMILLE Micheli sat front row at BALENCIAGA. Jacobs controls Balenciaga through Grand. He wants to control EVERYTHING!

Jacobs has an undercover man at Dior. She is Camille Micheli, who has worked with Jacobs for many many years at Louis Vuitton. Now she tells Jacobs all the secrets and gossips she hears at Dior.
Read the details on how Jacobs copied my photos for the Dior campaigns, here.

Before Marc left Louis Vuitton in 2013 October for the last time he gave a well-paying contract for Sofia Coppola. Sofia launched a bag collection for Louis Vuitton, again. Marc counts on Sofia's silence. (She knows everything Marc did to me since the beginning)...  


Watch me on this video where I send a message for Marc Jacobs, the Thief of the Century!

I made this video in 2012 summer. I was wearing my own designes stripped Angel Barta dress. In 2012 summer polka dots were the must have trends of the summer. 2 months later Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits... each single outfit was stripped! 

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