Thursday, May 16, 2013

If you want to walk the Marc Jacobs runway all you have to do is to satisfy his perverse fantasy

I am Angel Barta, fashion designer. Marc Jacobs has been stealing my ideas and stalking me for 5 years. I expose the truth about Jacobs, the manipulator of the century on my blog.

Marc Jacobs decides who become topmodels nowadays. He wants to control the entire fashion world. 

     18-year-old Lily McMenamy has landed her first big-name designer campaign for Marc Jacobs and all she had to do was take off her top!!!

  We already know how close of a friend her model's mother Kirsten McMenamy is with Jacobs.

  Jacobs felt the time had come for her Kirsten's daughter to become a model too. (By the way my full name is Lily Angel Barta....) Marc Jacobs asked me many times to do dirty photos for him. He asked me to pose topless and push up my breasts. He promised that if I'd do it he would let me be a model on his fashion show.

  It seems that Lily McMenamy did the things Jacobs asked her to, as she has walked on MJ's runway. Jacobs can't stand the fact that he could not humiliate me and convince me to do those things for him. That's why he has been torturing me and stealing my ideas, using my talent for 5 years.

He is an egomaniacal person. He wants to control everything.

Kirsten McMenamy and Jacobs kissing, having fun

As for being asked to walk the runway sans-shirt, Lily  M. said she didn’t see it coming.
“First I couldn’t really believe that they were asking me to go topless, and then they were, like, ‘We’re being serious,’ and so I was, like, ‘All right. Fine,’” she said.
Then Jacobs had to explain the classy way to hold one’s breasts in one’s hands. According to Vogue:
“Marc and I talked a lot about my hand positioning. I wanted to do this.” [Lily] presses both her palms to her T-shirt. “But he said it’d be much classier with one hand. Like, ‘Oh, Mr. Produuuucer.’ I had to walk three times. When I came backstage after the first, I said, ‘Marc, was it all right?’ and he said, ‘Amazing.’ So I thought, okay, I can do it again.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Campaign with Lily
Jacobs copied the photos of my lookbook for his Fall 2013 Campaign featuring Lily McMenamy. My lookbook came out in 2011. I was wearing my own designed Angel Barta suit on the picture.

The topless runway show wasn’t the first time Jacobs has courted controversy: In early 2012, after the Council of Fashion Designers of America asked designers to commit to a no-models-under-16 standard, he flouted their guidelines by allowing at least two 14-to-15-year-old models walk his runway. Out of the approximately fifty models he hired for his show that season, at least two were under 16, the New York Times reported: Thairine Garcia and Ondria Hardin, both believed to be either 14 or 15. Both girls were represented by the Ford modeling agency, which had stated that the company, while in favor of the health initiative, works on a case-by-case basis with the models’ parents when it comes to determining whether they’re old enough to walk the runway.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 with Ondria, who is only 16 now and was 13 in the erotic Prada Video

His Oh Lola by MJ ad campaign was banned in UK. It featured underage Dakota Fanning in a sexual position. The Miu Miu ads were banned in the same year. Read it here.

 He told TIME of the decision. “What’s the difference between doing a commercial for peanut butter and being on a runway?” And Jacobs claimed there was no controversy in his choices: ”I was just kind of doing what I felt,” he says, adding without a hint of irony, “I don’t ever mean to be provocative.”
Text via: style.time

UPDATE: 2014 February- 18 years old Kendall Jenner (sister of Kim Kardashion) walked the Marc Jacobs fashion show in a totally sheer top.




18 years old Daisy Lowe in 2008 in the Marc Jacobs ad

Jacobs is obviously obsessed with naked young girls. He is proud to be the most perverse designer nowadays.

Watch his short film he did with Katie Grand for Love Magazine. ( The video features Cara Delevingne, the new 'topmodel', whose biggest supporter behind closed doors is Jacobs. He gave her all her jobs, details here.)

Marc Jacobs and Cara Delevingne kissing

Cara goes naked for Marc Jacobs protect the skin -Tshirt.

 A few new examples on what Jacobs copied from me lately

Marc's girls usually pose with his dog

Kendall Jenner

Cara Delevingne
WHY did fashion photographer Terry Richardson direct Miley Cyrus's nude video clip?
How does Marc Jacobs control most of the celebrities, like Miley, Lady Gaga, Kanye?
Read the truth, click here 
Marc Jacobs with Terry Richardson

Have you heard that Kanye West recently stole a more than 40 years old Hungarian song?

Kóbor János the singer of Omega claimed he will sue Kanye for sampling Gyönyhajú Lány(The organs from New Slaves) and not crediting them.He already hired an international lawyer to start the confrontation. They can't sue Kanye yet because it was only played on walls and on SNL and it's not official. But if it mades the Album he promised he will step in the ring.
It's funny because the 66 buildings experience was filmed on the singer's 70th birthday.

Many people have identified the sample at use towards the end of the new track that Kanye West premiered on (almost) 66 buildings and Saturday Night Live this past weekend.
The music? A Hungarian band called Omega, who released ”Gyöngyhajú Lány” (translated as The Girl with Pearly Hair) in 1969.
Check Omega above, and listen to that section of "New Slaves" at the three minute mark below.

  Kanye is a very good buddy of Marc Jacobs. They have worked together, Kanye designed trainers for Louis Vuitton. He flies all the way to Paris to watch front row every single show of his friend Marc. He even sings the songs Marc asks him to. You remember the Runaway song by Kanye, it was the idea of Jacobs, even the clip was his fantasy.

Jacobs told Kanye to steal that Hungarian song.

Marc introduced me to Kanye when I was at the dinner after his fashion show.

Kanye has tried doing his own line, he designed clothes for women and had his fashion show in Paris.

Watch me on this video where I send a message for Marc Jacobs, the Thief of the Century!

I made this video in 2012 summer. I was wearing my own designes stripped Angel Barta dress. 2 months later Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits... each single outfit was stripped! 

Read my article  about how I met Marc Jacobs and how he stalks and tortures me for my ideas with many evidence and the story here

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MJ' latest sick suicide-themed editorial and the banned Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs campaign.

2012 November: Miley Cyrus, Terry Richardson, Lady Gaga and more stars controlled by Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs is obsessed with women, it seems that he is not gay really. He supports the Hungarian models, click here

Jacobs gives ideas for Dsquared also. Read the details here

Sofia Coppola copied my photos for the Miss Dior Cherie Campaign, check the photos here

Kanye West recently stole a 40 years old Hungarian song. Marc Jacobs asked him to do so. Listen to the songs and read the details

Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs. He made Lady Gaga to dress up in my style and wrote songs for singers, details here

Read how Marc Jacobs copies my ideas for Miu Miu and Prada


  1. This is adsurd! MJ should be ashamed of himself for stealing from another people ideas to create his own masterpiece...! YOu can overhead him girl, show the world that you own the purities of the design not him the assholer...

  2. This makes me so angry. I am so fed up with these pompous, egotistical asses that think they can get away with anything and everything just because they have money. He is living the biggest lie, that his money and fame have any meaning, while trying to convince himself of his own self worth. I am so sorry that you have gone through this for so long. Though you may feel like you are powerless to stop him, never forget that at the end of the day he is the sick one, not even being able to have any decency to be respectful for another human. You will always be better than him; his inability to cope with reality clearly has him being desperate. You seem like a very strong woman and i applaud you greatly. i hope to see you launch as a great designer in the future, best of luck.

    “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” - Salvador Dali

  3. I agree with a lot of the stuff that you said, these top dogs are certainly egotistical indeed. But you have to understand that a lot of that one hand covering of the breast has nothing to do with the latest fashions trends or any particular style. What that is Angel is a satanic hand sign from the Baphomet demon god. If you ever seen what it looks like look it up on google the baphomet will point 1 hand up and 1 hand down, with one breast being exposed. Basically, it's some kind of code for "As Above, So Below". This means that whatever's happening in the physical is also taking place in the spiritual realm. Demons are listening to our conversations and so are the angels with God. Seriously, I pray that you don't get attacked by this Marc Jacobs for speaking the truth. You need to protect yourself because with maniacs like these Angel, it's no telling when He'll put a hit out on you. It's only a matter of time before something really bad may happen to you. I'm telling you right now that the only way to truly defend yourself from Jacob's is to give your life to Jesus. You gotta give it all up, and don't be afraid. With God anything is possible and without him, nothing is possible. Marc Jacob probably knows all about the spiritual realm, because he be reading up on it during his free time possibly. Where do you think he got that covering your breasts with one hand? Why do you think he is so perverted? It's not normal for his behavior to be sexually out of control. It's all those sex demons and spirits of lust that inhabit his soul which is why he'll keep being obsessed with naked younger women. The guy is gay too, which is not surprising to me because many men in the industry are gay and like the same gender. It's so sad but true and I'm not making this stuff up. If you ever wanna discuss more about God and the illuminati look me up on facebook I'm always down to help anyone learn about the truth and start opening up their spiritual eyes. I love you.

    1. Thank you for your kind message. I already know everything about Marc. The truth must be out in public. I am safe, every word I claim is true, I have strong proof for everything. Thank you again for your love and care. God bless you,