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The story of the young artist who sued more big fashion companies in Paris

My name is Angel Barta. I am a fashion designer and writer from Hungary

In 2017 I sued LVMH, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior at the Tribunal in Paris.

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 I have been fighting for my freedom and also for the freedom of every artist in the world for 12 years.
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I’m here to share with you the truth about famous American designer Marc Jacobs. There is something the media hides from you: Jacobs is a behind-the-scenes puppet master. He controls and pressures many celebrities. He is an egomaniac and wants to control everyone! He's been terrorizing and torturing me for 12 years since I was 16 years old. I have sued LVMH, Louis Vuitton and Dior at the Court in Paris in 2017. I have many strong evidence, I can prove everything I claim. I can officially prove the dates for all my work from the Intellectual Property Office. I can prove that I created all my work before LVMH did.

I come from an artistic family. Everyone in my family has art in them. My mother can sew beautiful clothes and she is very talented in photography. I have been born into the clothing business. Since I was a child I was surrounded by many clothes. I've always had a very special style. Even as a young girl I was always wearing something unusual, something new. I never followed trends. I was wearing special clothes in Paris in 2008.
  I first met Marc Jacobs back in 2008 in Paris, when I was only 16. Right off the bat he took notice of my unique style and my eye for fashion. He thought that since I was a young, innocent girl, he could easily seduce me with his promises of fashion designer career in the fashion industry.He made a sneaky plan to steal my ideas, copy my designs and enjoy the success and the money he could earn with my talent.
Here is my message. Thank you for all the support, love and nice messages. 

Angel Barta at the Louis Vuitton show in 2009
  After a while, the more I got to know Marc the scarier and crueler person he revealed himself to be. Over the last few years, I have realized that Marc Jacobs is the manipulator of the century. He wants to control the entire media machine
Marc Jacobs is very good friends with Harvey Weinstein. He has always looked up to Weinstein.
Marc Jacobs has been stealing my designs, my style, my photos and my concepts for seven years. My unique fashion designs have enticed him to reproduce my creations across the brands he has his hand in. He wants to be the most powerful person in the entertainment and fashion world by using my ideas without my permission. 
He steals my designs with illegal, dirty tricks.

Jacobs wants to hide me and the fact that he has been using my work from the fashion industry. Since he discovered that my unique style sells well, he plans to continue hiding me and stealing my designs as long as possible. This has been going on for 10 years. So I decided to start a blog about my story to let the truth be known, with the hope that having the truth out there, he might be persuaded to finally leave me alone. Just because he is rich and famous does not give him the right to pass off a rising designer's work for his own and he does not have right to invade into my personal life.

Marc Jacobs and Angel Barta

  Jacobs is famous for copying other people's work. His company was sued by Adidas in 2014. Lately young artists sued Marc Jacobs in New York in 2017 novemeber for copying her work. Katie Thierjung and two private companies: Laser Kitten, LLC and Wildflower + Co., Inc. The trio filed their suit against Marc Jacobs in the Southern District of New York on November 7th 2017.

In 2018 december the famous band Nirvana sued Marc Jacobs for copyright infringement..
Marc Jacobs’s Bootleg Grunge Tee (left) and the original Nirvana T-shirt (right). Composite: Marc Jacobs/Getty Images

Marc Jacobs had to leave his creative director position at Louis Vuitton in 2013. These companies continued to copy my work. They are copying me even today.

His brand Marc by Marc Jacobs does not exist any more. He only works now for his own label Marc Jacobs in New York.

I am very grateful for all the people who believe in me and who want to help me. I am grateful to my lawyer who believes in my case. He is very brave and talented lawyer. He was brave enough to stand up for the truth and to defend a young artist against big multi companies. He helped me to sue Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and LVMH in Paris in 2017 for copyright infringement and parasitism.
This 10 years have been really long and hard for me. I have suffered a lot and experienced many bad things thank to Marc Jacobs and his team.
Before I met Marc Jacobs my life was wonderful. I was happy and I experienced only good things and I met only good people. I never imagined that such bad and mean people exist. Just because I am talented I had to suffer 10 years in the mean and sick game of Jacobs. He kept me in a secret because he has always been afraid of getting the truth to be out about him not having talent and using my work.
Not only does he greatly influence fashion, but he slyly pulls the strings of many celebrities, the entertainment industry, and even the film industry.
He controls and pressures many singers and actors by using his clout in exchange for their participation in his schemes. He gets them campaign contracts and magazine covers, which equate to money and fame.  In return, they take dirty pictures for him, they wear his clothes, are seen with him in public, and do what he dictates in their public lives. Marc Jacobs's sick fantasies stand out in his editorials and in the performances of today's big stars. The stars have to dance and act the way Jacobs wants them to. For example, Jacobs is responsible for Miley Cyrus's shocking perverse new image. She was the face of Jacobs' ad campaign so he has convinced Miley to realize all of Jacobs's perverse fantasies.

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More of Jacobs' ad campaigns have been banned in UK. For example in 2013 the Daisy ad with Dakota Fanning, for sexualizing underage girl. 

My film about my collection

Here are a couple of examples of the more hundreds of copies.

In 2014 I designed these Angel Barta VIP Couture skirts with a very special zipper. It became my trademark.

In 2015 I saw the copies of my design in the Louis Vuitton collection.

I sued Louis Vuitton, Dior and LVMH in 2016. Later I saw that Marc Jacobs copied my design on purpose for his own collection. He did not even care about the lawsuit against LVMH, he still continued to copy my work on purpose. ( Marc Jacobs company is owned by LVMH fashion group.) 

Here is another dress from my Angel Barta VIP Couture collection. You can see the copy of my dress on Karlie Kloss, a fashion model. Marc Jacobs made her famous. She is the model on many photos where they copied my work.

On the first photo it is me in Paris in 2007, when Marc Jacobs first saw me. On the second photo it is Karlie Kloss, the same model again.
Karlie Kloss again.

Karlie Kloss, the same model again.


They dress up many celebrities in the copies of my designs. They dress up in Angel Barta VIP Couture style.

Marc Jacobs with Sidney Toledano, he was the CEO of Dior until 2017.
They copied me for Dior many times. Here is a new copy from 2017.I was only 15 years old on my photo. It is a photo from my vacation in Paris for Christmas.
Christmas in Paris. I was 15 years old. They copied my personality on purpose. Unacceptable! Please stop this!
Angel Barta in 2007, Dior in 2017

Natalie Portman, actress is the face of Dior. She was the model on the many photos and tv commercials where they copied my photos and my work.


Sofia Coppola the best friend of Marc Jacobs directs since 2008 the Miss Dior Cherie ads. Marc Jacobs introduced me to Sofia Coppola in 2008 February.

Marc Jacobs with Sofia Coppola



Marc Jacobs copies my work, my clothes, my photos with many models. One of them is Natalia Vodianova the Russian model. She was married to an aristocrat with 3 young children when she got together with Antoine Arnault the son of the owner of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. They are living together. On the photo Natalia Vodianova is with the photographer Mario Testino ( he has been suspended from working with Vogue after more models accused him of sexually exploiting them)
Natalia Vodianova Russian model, the partner of Antoine Arnault, the son of Bernard Arnault, the owner of Louis Vuitton, Dior and LVMH.

Natalia Vodianova with Marc Jacobs in 2009


This is how Natalia looked in life, when they made the Etam campaign with her. They retouched her to look like me on the photos. The hair, the make-up, the style, everything was the copy of my personality.

Angel Barta 2010, Natalia Vodianova 2017

Angel Barta 2010, Natalia Vodivanova 2017

Angel Barta 2010, Natalia Vodivanova 2017

Natalia Vodianova

           Outside of Marc Jacobs' Mount Street store. | Source: Getty/Leon Neal

As other luxury brands scale up their direct-to-consumer channels, Marc Jacobs, the struggling LVMH-owned fashion house will significantly shrink its European retail presence.BoF has learned that Marc Jacobs is set to close its last remaining London store on Mayfair’s Mount Street. via Business of Fashion

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs with models at Paris Fashion Week


Please share the link of my story with the social button to any SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS, facebook or twitter, so the truth will be out and I will have a free life again, just like every other girl in the world !
 I have been fighting for my freedom and also for the freedom of every artist in the world for 12 years.
 Thank you for all your support! 

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