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Secrets between Kanye West,Marc Jacobs, The Chanel exhibition

My name is Angel Barta, I'm writer and fashion designer. Marc Jacobs has been stealing my ideas for 5 years. He fooled me with love and kept me in psychological torture. He is a cruel Godfather behind his funny Sponge Bob Mask.

 Let me unfold a few secret connections between Marc Jacobs, Kanye West and Hungarians. Marc Jacobs has been using my talent for 5 years. He steals my ideas (and talented artists ideas from my country) not only for himself but for his friends also. For example his long-time friend Sofia Coppola copied my photos and my style for the Miss Dior Cherie Campaign. Read it here with evidences.

Have you heard that Kanye West recently stole a more than 40 years old Hungarian song?

Kóbor János the singer of Omega claimed he will sue Kanye for sampling Gyönyhajú Lány(The organs from New Slaves) and not crediting them.He already hired an international lawyer to start the confrontation. They can't sue Kanye yet because it was only played on walls and on SNL and it's not official. But if it mades the Album he promised he will step in the ring.
It's funny because the 66 buildings experience was filmed on the singer's 70th birthday.

Many people have identified the sample at use towards the end of the new track that Kanye West premiered on (almost) 66 buildings and Saturday Night Live this past weekend.
The music? A Hungarian band called Omega, who released ”Gyöngyhajú Lány” (translated as The Girl with Pearly Hair) in 1969.
Check Omega above, and listen to that section of "New Slaves" at the three minute mark below.


  Kanye is a very good buddy of Marc Jacobs. They have worked together, Kanye designed trainers for Louis Vuitton. He flies all the way to Paris to watch front row every single show of his friend Marc. He even sings the songs Marc asks him to. You remember the Runaway song by Kanye, it was the idea of Jacobs, even the clip was his fantasy.

Jacobs told Kanye to steal that Hungarian song.

Marc introduced me to Kanye when I was at the dinner after his fashion show.

Kanye has tried doing his own line, he designed clothes for women and had his fashion show in Paris. Kanye loves Hungarian women, just like his buddy Marc. So there were some Hungarian models at his fashion show also.

and let's see the Chanel!
Watch the video I recorded at the Little Black Jacket Exhibition in Paris.

Did you know that Marc Jacobs is an ego-maniac, 
a real puppet master who wants to manipulate 
the whole fashion world?

I was surprised to see that most of the celebrities, whose photos were displayed at the Chanel exhibition, are in tight connection with Marc Jacobs.

  You would think that Marc Jacobs has nothing to do with Chanel, but actually he controls the design team there too, not just at Louis Vuitton. He has friends and and ex colleagues at almost every big brand. He wants to control the whole fashion world! Karl Lagerfeld takes the photos in the Chanel campaigns of Marc's favorite models. Marc decides who is the campaigns, who opens and closes the Chanel show. ( for example Cara Delevingne, Marc Jacobs discovered her and supports her from the background.) Jacobs wants to control the entire fashion world. He gives ideas for many brands, not just for Louis Vuitton.He secretely controls Chanel also.

  Marc Jacobs has been stealing my ideas for 5 years. He copies my style and photos for many brands.
He fooled me with love promises. I believed him for 2 years, then I started to see clearly that he just used my fresh and unique ideas for his own success. I stopped talking to him and did not give him more ideas and photos. As a revenge to hurt me, he gave all my dreams for other girls from my country. I wrote a book, about the first 2 years of my relationship with him, " The Secret Love Affair in Paris". After he read my book, he knew everything about me. All my dreams and wishes. For example, my book starts with my most ardent wish, to open and close the Chanel fashion show with Lagerfeld. He made that come true for another Hungarian girl, who was 7 cm shorter than the minimum height.

Dakota, the favourite actress of Marc Jacobs. He took her under his wings, when she was only twelwe years old. He even made his collection in children size, so she could fit in the clothes and poise in his MJ ad campaign in the grown up outfits. Dakota is older now, Marc still takes care of her carrier. She is sitting front row at every single Marc Jacobs fashion show.

She is the face of the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola perfume, the ad campaign was banned in the UK,. You can read it here, why.

Her little sister Elle Fanning is participating in the exhibition. She has to poise on the photo the way I do. The picture is a copy of my original idea. (At the Little Black Jacket exhibition you can see the photo of Kanye West right next to picture that  was copied after my original photo.)

Elle Fanning is a young actress, she played the main role in the Movie of Sofia Coppola, who is by the way a long time friend and supporter of Marc Jacobs.
 Marc Jacobs having fun with Sofia Coppola
 Sofia was also photographed in the Chanel exhibition

Sofia with Elle Fanning

In the last 5 years Marc Jacobs has copied hundreds of my photos and ideas. Here are a few of them.
The Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign starring Elle Fanning.
Elle with Marc's bussiness partner

Elle on the cover of Katie Grand's magazine, poising like I did.

The sisters are wearing most of the time the designs of Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand.

Dakota and Elle Fanning came to Paris just to watch the last show
of their supporter, Marc Jacobs

Marc's girls. Elle and Dakota Fanning, Sofia Coppola and Hailee Steinfeld.
Before Marc left Louis Vuitton he gave a well-paying contract for Sofia Coppola again. Marc counts on Sofia's support. Sofia launched a bag collection for Louis Vuitton.

I'd like to mention an other person, whose photo I saw at the exhibition, and who is a very good friend of Marc.  Kristen McMenamy, the grey haired famous model.
She works with Katie Grand most of the time...
Marc loves kissing Kirsten as you see in the photo...

Kirsten was poising in the Louis Vuitton campaign

She was also on the cover of Katie Grand's Love magazine.

Kirsten and Katie Grand, very good friends.

At the latest Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 fashion show, Kirsten's 18 years old daughter, Lily was walking topless wearing nothing but high-waisted shorts. Her first big campaign will be the next Marc Jacobs fall campaign. Read the details on:

Marc Jacobs totally controls Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson. Details here
A picture from the latest Chanel campaign, where they copied my idea.

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