Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Karlie Kloss Louis Vuitton Backstage with Angel Barta Marc Jacobs

I am Angel Barta, fashion designer.

Marc Jacobs has been stealing my ideas for 5 years. He copied my style for many brands and magazines.

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About Me 
I am Angel Barta, fashion designer. Many fashion brands have been using my ideas and designing my style for 5 years.Now I am ready to take credit for my work, and I'd like to work for a big fashion brand and design MY ideas under MY own name! You can check my lookbook on:


If you want to know more details read my other articles too.

Marc Jacobs the Godfather, in Sponge Bob Disguise, click here

You can check my Lookbook on:  Marc Jacobs is obsessed with women, it seems that he is not gay really. He supports the Hungarian models, click here

Sofia Coppola copied my photos for the Miss Dior Cherie Campaign, check the photos here

Cara Delevingne, why you see her everywhere?

Marc Jacobs' power over Katie Grand, whose idea was to launch the LOVE Magazine?

 Dsquared and Jacobs

Read how Marc Jacobs copies my ideas for Miu Miu and Prada

 MJ' latest sick suicide-themed editorial and the banned Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs campaign.

Please help me and share my blogspot:
 I want the truth to be out! Marc Jacobs has been torturing me since I was only 16 years old. I'd like to have a normal life without him stalking me and copying me.
A Louis Vuitton Backstage-en volt szerencsém találkozni a több mint 180 cm magas, híres amerikai modellel, Karlie Klossal, aki a mostani Le Magazine du Monde újság címlapján is pózol, itt.

Még egy Videó a Louis Vuitton Backstage-en

Divat Exhibition Hyeres-ben

Úton a Valentino Showra...

Olvassátok el a többi bejegyzést részletekkel...

Marc Jacobs Lady Gagát is az én stílusomban öltözteti

Taylor Swift is Angel stílusban öltözik

Marc Jacobs a betiltott perverz kampányok értelmi szerzője

Sofia Coppola lemásolta az ötleteimet a Diornak

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