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Marc Jacobs is the most cruel thief of the century! He tortures a young designer called Angel Barta


                                     My name is Angel Barta. I am fashion designer.

American designer Marc Jacobs is the manipulator of the century! He controls Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and more!

Marc Jacobs has been stealing my unique ideas for 5 years. He copied all my designs and photos for many big brands ad camapigns and fashion magazines without my permission.

What is Marc Jacobs' goal?

1. He wants to be the most powerful fashion designer in the world. 

2. He wants to break me by using MY talent meanwhile he suppressed my efforts at creating a career for myself .

3. He wants to go on using MY talent since he realized that I know what sells well, and that my talent is a big success.

Jacobs is obsessed with the success that he earned by using my ideas. He does ANYTHING to steal my ideas. He stalks and tortures me because he wants me to give up my goal to be a recognized fashion designer.

How does Marc Jacobs copy me?

  He copies every single details on my photos. He uses each photo for more times.
He copies the background, the concept, the colors, the poise, the mood, the outfit that I designed. I am wearing my own designs on my photos. I design and make clothes. Jacobs wants to see the world through my eyes.

Jacobs copies anything I do. He has ex-colleagues and friends working at almost every big fashion brand. He can bring my ideas to Stella McCartney, Dior, Nina Ricci, Chanel, Prada, Ungaro, Balenciaga, Dsquared, Dolce Gabbana with the help of his friends. (Katie Grand, Camille Micheli, Nicholas Ghesquiére, Peter Copping, etc.)

  By the way according to some rumors Nicolas Ghesquiére has been named as the new creative director at Louis Vuitton.. He might replace his friend Marc Jacobs. Nicolas is controled by Jacobs also. Nicolas used to work for Balenciaga. Katie Grand and Camille Miceli usually sit front row at Balenciaga.( Although they both work for LVMH.) They have connections there, Marc secretely controls Balenciaga through his undercover people. Read more details, click here.

   I was silent for 5 years. I always believed that Jacobs would either own up to designing about me or forget me and let me live my life without him... unfortunately he did not leave me alone.. he became more and more obsessed with me and success and he did many crazy things...

  A couple of months ago I started my blog and spreading my true story with Marc Jacobs. By 2013 October more than 464.000 people have read my blog.
 Jacobs and his friends seriously life-threatened me! They want me to shut up and accept the fact that they are using my talent, enjoy the success meanwhile ignoring my person from the fashion world.

18 years old Lily McMenamy had to walk topless on his latest fashion show in New York. She said Marc told her how to hold her breasts in one hand. Marc did not let her go home until Read my article with details: If you want to walk the Marc Jacobs runway, all you have to do is to satisfy his perverse fantasy.

 You may ask how is that possible?

Well, everything started at the beginning of  2008, when I was only 16 years old.
 I met Marc Jacobs at his gym in Paris. He noticed how special my style was from the first moment. He invited me to his Louis Vuitton fashion show and the dinner after. He has been stalking me since then.

   He promised he would make the biggest top model out of me, because he could sell anything with my face. He said I was the first woman he fell in love with. He fooled with me with love, marriage, kids and top model carrier. I believed his every word!

Marc Jacobs with his best friend Niko

Me at the Louis Vuitton fashion show with Niko

Marc Jacobs with his supporter and friend Lorenzo Martone. He opened a model agency for Lorenzo a couple of years ago.

Marc Jacobs with Robert Duffy

A photo from my Angel Barta catalog
Jacobs copied my photos for Katie Grand's Love magazine with Elle Fanning

He asked me to inspire him with my photos, my designs, my energy and my love.

Jacobs copied my photo for his campaigns 2 times. Once with Elle Fanning, who was 13 years old on the picture.

   In 2008 Summer he invited to his office, where he did a private casting, only for me and he took my measurements personally.

He mentioned our meeting at his office on his profile in New Yorker Magazine in 2008 Sept.1. Click here, to read the article

   For two years we spoke 10 hours every day. Jacobs wanted to know everything about me. He became obsessed with my personality and the unique style I represent. (Katie Grand said in an interview that the design team had to be listening to MY Cher CD for 2 weeks while they were designing the LV collections. Marc was wearing high-heels with dress and walking around the room acting like he was Angel Barta.)
Marc said my energy was vital for him. He told me he needed me, because with my talent he could be the new Picasso, he wanted to write his name with Golden Letters into the Fashion History. He copied my photos in his campaigns and replaced his long-time photographers with MY favorite photographer Steven Meisel. Since 2008 Meisel shoots all his Louis Vuitton Campaigns.

Marc Jacobs in the Industrie Magazine, dressed up as Angel Barta. The stylist was Katie Grand.

Jacobs copied my style for his fashion shows.( Louis Vuitton Spring 2009, Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 and Louis Vuitton Fall 2009, MJ Fall 2009) It was a huge success! Marc became overwhelmed by the success.

   He told me he loved me and he would tell the fashion world the next time that he designed about me, and he would make the biggest fashion designer out of me and we would work together officially. I believed him that he would support me to be able to work in the fashion industry and I helped him for free. I did not get anything for my ideas, only his nice words and fake promises.

  Jacobs kept torturing me: Saying he loved me, sending me love messages, poems, he wrote love songs and asked famous singers to sing it. He made those singers to wear the clothes he designed about me.  For example Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift. ( Rachel Zoe, famous stylist supports MJ and dresses the celebs) Jacobs controls many celebrities. For example Miley Cyrus. Kanye West, his best buddy has recently stolen a Hungarian song. Omega, the Hungarian band is going to sue Kanye for using their music without permission.

Photo from my Angel Barta lookbook

For his Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Campaign Jacobs copied every details from my photos that were taken in 2008 in Paris

He used Rubble/Freestone background and a painting. The model had the same poise on the picture.

   After more seasons I started to realize that MJ was just using my talent for his own success. I noticed that he hacked my cell phone, he knew all my text messages, emails, he was checking my facebook. He contacted my friends from fake accounts and sent them perverse messages.

   In the end of 2009 I realized that he never loved me. So I told Marc:
I am deeply disappointed. You lied to me! You only wanted my ideas for your own success. You knew it from the first moment that you would never help me. You already planned that you would only fool me and use my talent and hide me from the fashion world. So noone would know that your successful collections were MY ideas... the style came originally from me... I never want to talk to you again! I will not give you ideas any more! Forget me forever!!!!
So from 2010 I did not give him my ideas any more.
I wanted to break up with him!  He kept calling me, texting me, but I never answered. I stopped giving him photos.... I wanted to forget him... but he did not leave me alone. He wrote me every day that he would kill himself if I don't answer.

  Jacobs did not want to let me and my ideas go. He did not accept the fact that I stopped inspiring him. He became more and more obsessed with me and did many crazy and cruel things to steal my ideas and keep me in a secret. He is afraid of my talent, de doesn't want me to work in the fashion world. He does everything to hide me!

He stalks me. He hired people to follow me all day and take photos and videos on me on the street for Jacobs. This way he could copy everything I was wearing. Marc Jacobs started to make fashion videos, copying my life, my memories, my moments. The models has to act and poise the way I do. They have to copy my movements.

Here is a video, where I talk about Paris and my feeling on the first day of my trip. I had just arrived to Paris, and Marc already knew it and sent his buddy after me.

Watch me on this video where I send a message in 2012 Summer for Marc Jacobs, the Thief of the Century!

I made this video in 2012 summer. I was wearing my own designs stripped Angel Barta dress. In 2012 summer polka dots were the must have trends of the summer. 2 months later Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits... each single outfit was stripped! 

Wearing my own design, Angel Barta outfit in 2012 Summer.. a few months later in 2012 september Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits.

I was wearing wide belt with glitters... In 2010 October Jacobs copied my idea for Louis Vuitton. Almost every model on the catwalk was wearing the same type of glittery belts with colourful tops.


Marc Jacobs, the Manipulator

  Jacobs wants to lead the everything. He tries to control the celebrities also.
Rachel Zoe, famous stylist from Hollywood dresses up the stars in Marc's clothes. (For example in the last minute Anna Hathaway wore a pink Prada dress- designed by MJ for the Oscars instead of the Valentino gown she was planning to wear.)

Kissing with Rachel Zoe
 He puts his friends, ex- colleagues at many different fashion brands.
 He has Camille Micheli at Dior ( She used to work at the PR Louis Vuitton, with Marc Jacobs for more then 10 years, before MJ got her " Creative- Jewelry Director" Job at Dior in 2009)
     Peter Copping at Nina Ricci. ( He used to be the right hand of Marc Jacobs for 10 years at LV before he got the creative director job at Nina Ricci in 2009, thanks to MJ)

And his main supporter....

   Katie Grand supports him in his cruel game against me. Katie Grand works for many big brands and fashion magazines. She is the editor of LOVE and POP Magazine. With her help Jacobs can copy my ideas and spread it in the whole fashion world. Marc Jacobs is egomaniac and wants to control the whole fashion world. He even gives ideas for his competitors. With Katie Grand he copies my ideas not just for Louis Vuitton but also for Balenciaga, Prada, Miu Miu, Giles, Ungaro, Versace, Dolce Gabbana etc. He wants to lead and control everything!!!  He makes the top models, he decides who's gonna be the next IT Girl, who will be in most of the campaigns, not just in his ads, but in every brand.

Marc Jacobs " the soul-terrorist"

    I wrote a 500 pages long book about the first 2 years of my relationship with Marc Jacobs. The title is " The Secret Love Affair in Paris". I was hoping MJ would leave me alone after reading my book. I wrote honestly about my dreams, wishes and feelings. Jacobs used every information against me. He gave all my dreams for other models from my country in order to break me. Jacobs' supporter Katie Grand casted the Hungarian girls in all her key shows and shoots. (for example, a Hungarian model, Vanessa has been the face of Prada for 3 seasons already, this is the first time someone gets such long Prada contract) The models have to dress up in my style and copy me and my poises in the editorials. Anywhere I go must face the photos he copied. I see my ideas in the magazines, on the campaigns on the street etc.


Here is my video in front of the Louis Vuitton Tent during Paris Fashion Week. This is what I feel every season before his shows... knowing that the models are inside fitting the clothes that were originally my ideas... and I.. I have to be standing outside...

Here a few more examples... Each model who features in these editorials are Hungarians. Marc casted them. They had to copy me on the photos.

Marc got a Champagne campaign for a Hungarian model, where they copied a photo from my lookbook.

Another photo that Jacobs copied with the same Hungarian model

You can read more details on how he pressured me with the Hungarian models, click here

  Marc Jacobs does not want me to have the energy to let the truth out so that people will know that all of his creations were originally my ideas. He designs my style, my soul, everything that is me!
 Marc is more than pleased to show me how other girls easily get success in the fashion world through him, meanwhile he ignores me from the fashion industry.

Why is Marc Jacobs torturing me?

He is a sick, egomaniac person, who manipulates everyone.

He can't stand the fact that I denied to do the humiliating things he asked me to.
( He asked me to do many disgusting things in order to be a model)

Miley Cyrus with her main supporter Marc Jacobs

Jacobs controls Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Terry Richardson. The shocking VMA performance of Miley Cyrus was the idea of Marc Jacobs. His best buddy Terrry directed her new video clip. click here for details

Marc Jacobs the sex addicted Porn Baron

Marc Jacobs makes his acting debut in a new film "Disconnect". He plays Harvey, a character he describes as 'sleazy' who lures underage kids off the street with the promise of shelter and income, for web-chat porn and prostitution.

'In the end, I’m really not a bad character. I’m actually the one who is protecting them in a way. I’ve taken them off the streets, and they don’t get harmed. They’re doing something that is virtual, though they are talking about sex. But you can look at it two ways,' he explained. text via dailymail
  Well, his role in the movie is very interesting since Marc Jacobs is really into chat-sex in real life too. In my book I already wrote in 2010 how much he loves sex on the internet and how many perverse messages he sent me for years. He has been harassing me since I was 16 years old. Jacobs is playing himself in the movie actually... his real perverse side.

Watch Marc Jacobs ask a 15 years old kid if He " Jerks off" in new Disconnect clip 

Guess, I don't need to explain why you see Cara Delenvigne everywhere lately. Delevingne’s rise to modeling stardom can be tracked back to Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand, who frequently puts Delevingne in (and even on the cover of) her magazine, Love. By the way Kate Moss ( the other woman who is so passionately French kissing Jacobs) is on the cover of the same issue of LOVE Magazine. It was Jacobs' idea to launch the Love Magazine and he put Katie Grand as editor in chief.The models featured in the magazine have to realize all his perverse fantasies in the editorials.

My other article: Marc Jacobs is obsessed with women, it seems that he is not gay really. He supports the Hungarian models, click here
Have you heard that Kanye West recently stole a more than 40 years old Hungarian song?

Kóbor János the singer of Omega claimed he will sue Kanye for sampling Gyönyhajú Lány(The organs from New Slaves) and not crediting them. He already hired an international lawyer to start the confrontation. They can't sue Kanye yet because it was only played on walls and on SNL and it's not official. But if it made the Album he promised he will step in the ring.
It's funny because the 66 buildings experience was filmed on the singer's 70th birthday.

Many people have identified the sample at use towards the end of the new track that Kanye West premiered on (almost) 66 buildings and Saturday Night Live this past weekend.
The music? A Hungarian band called Omega, who released ”Gyöngyhajú Lány” (translated as The Girl with Pearly Hair) in 1969.
Check Omega above, and listen to that section of "New Slaves" at the three minute mark below.

  Kanye is a very good buddy of Marc Jacobs. They have worked together, Kanye designed trainers for Louis Vuitton. He flies all the way to Paris to watch front row every single show of his friend Marc. He even sings the songs Marc asks him to. You remember the Runaway song by Kanye, it was the idea of Jacobs, even the clip was his fantasy.

Jacobs told Kanye to steal that Hungarian song.

Tamás Király and Marc Jacobs in Paris 2013 March

A very talented Hungarian fashion designer called Tamás Király was brutally beaten to death in his apartment in Budapest, in 2013 April.9.. Three weeks before he met Marc Jacobs in Paris, you can see the photo Tamás posted on his facebook

You may ask now, what does Marc Jacobs think about my articles where I unfold his dark side?       
Marc Jacobs sent me
   a serious life-threatening message
I ask everyone who supports the truth, to help me and share my link on facebook or twitter. Please help the truth to be out in public!
I'd like to have a free life without Marc Jacobs stalking me.

You can share this link:

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Marc got a Champagne campaign for a Hungarian model, where they copied a photo from my lookbook.

Another photo that Jacobs copied with the same Hungarian model

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