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Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are puppets controlled by egomaniac designer Marc Jacobs

 Egomaniac fashion designer Marc Jacobs wants to control the entire fashion world.

Not only does he greatly influence fashion, but he slyly pulls the strings of many celebrities, the entertainment industry, and even the film industry.

He controls and pressures many singers and actors by using his clout in exchange for their participation in his schemes. He is the celebrity hacker, he leaked all those naked images of Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Heard, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, etc. (Jacobs discovered and made Kate Upton and Cara Delevingne famous among many other celebrity.)
  In each of the three big releases, Jennifer Lawrence has played a huge part. She appeared in all three photo lacks and on Friday an additional 55 naked photos of her were released which brings her total nearly 300! That is a very large number of photos! Did you ever wonder why she got an Oscar? Did you ever wonder how she got that big $15 million Dior campaign contract? She has just extended her contract this year with the high-profile fashion house, committing for an estimated three more years to the tune of approximately $15 million in compensation! Jennifer does ANYTHING for success! as you can see from the dirty photos.

My name is Angel Barta, I'm a fashion designer from Hungary. Marc Jacobs has been terrorizing me, stalking me and stealing my ideas since I was 16 years old, to read my story with him click here
 I met him first in 2008 in Paris. He is a sick, egomaniac person, who manipulates everyone.

He can't stand the fact that I denied to do the humiliating things he asked me to.   ( He asked me to do many disgusting things in order to be a model, for example he asked me to take naked and dirty pictures of myself)

I started this blog to let the truth be known by everyone!

I wrote a 500 pages long book about my story with Marc Jacobs. If you want to read a few pages from my book, click here to read "Hot sex scene with the fashion designer
Here is a video with me

How does Marc Jacobs control celebrities? 

Not only does he greatly influence fashion, but he slyly pulls the strings of many celebrities, the entertainment industry, and even the film industry.
He controls and pressures many singers and actors by using his clout in exchange for their participation in his schemes.

He gets them campaign contracts and magazine covers, which equate to money and fame. 
In return, they wear his clothes, are seen with him in public, and do what he dictates in their public lives. Marc Jacobs's sick fantasies stand out in his editorials and in the performances of today's big stars.
He controls them through fashion photographers. ( for example Miley Cyrus through Terry Richardson)

Marc Jacobs and his power on celebrities....
 Do you know why Madonna sings and dances they Jacobs wants her to? Why did Madonna sing a song with Jacobs' favorite singer M.I.A ( who featured in the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign in 2008)?

Because Jacobs gave her the Louis Vuitton 1 year long contract in 2009. 
Madonna got $10 million for the campaign. Since then Madonna is grateful for Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs got inked the word " Shameless" on his chest... Even he admits and knows how cruel and shameless he is!

Here is a photo of Marc by Terry Richardson
Marc Jacobs by Terry Richardson

Marc Jacobs controls photographer Terry Richardson too.

 He is the originator behind many of Richardson`s perverse editorials.

How can he control Richardson?

The answer is simple: Jacobs gets Terry very well-paying jobs. ( Just like he did for Inez and Vinoodh for the Gaga clip)... and Terry can not say no to money!

  For example in 2011, Terry followed Gaga on her “Monster Ball” tour taking behind the scenes pics, 350 of which made it into his book Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson. 

Post reports that Richardson made $58 million on his photos between June 2012 and June 2013.

The latest job Jacobs got Terry is the new video clip of Miley Cyrus, the Wrecking Ball was directed by Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga was recently spotted leaving the  VMA`s rehearsal studio with photographer Terry Richardsonwearing just a bra and pants.

Richardson with Gaga at the VMA rehearsal

Marc Jacobs, Terry Richardson and Lorenzo Martone

Marc Jacobs Daisy ad campaign photographed by Terry


Marc Jacobs standing in front of the 2009 Louis Vuitton Vogue Calendar, shot by his buddy Terry Richardson. Jacobs put the Hungarian model, Eniko Mihalik on the cover.
Terry usually shoots Hungarian models from my country, because Marc Jacobs tells him to.

Here are a few photos from the many, with Hungarian models:

Terry Richardson's editorial with a Hungarian model

 Kim Kardashian with Terry Richardson (Jacobs' s best buddy)
Marc Jacobs' power over Kanye West
Marc Jacobs got a Louis Vuitton contract for Kanye a few years ago. Kanye launched a sneakers collection with Louis Vuitton. Kanye's been grateful for Jacobs since then. Jacobs controls Kanye in many ways. It was Marc's idea for Kim Kardashian to wear that Givenchy dress. He wanted to make fun of the pregnant woman at the Met Ball.( Last year everyone was making fun of Jacobs in the lace see-through shirt dress that he was wearing at the Met Ball. ) He even made Kanye steal an old Hungarian song by the legendarian band named OMEGA. Kanye sampled their song without their permission. He had to pay them a lot of money after.
 It was a very big scandal. Listen to both songs here. First the original than the one that Kanye sang.

Marc Jacobs at the MET Ball last year. He was the highlight of the event. This year he made Kim Kardashian to be the most talked about guest of the Ball.

It seems that Kanye has had enough of Jacobs power over him. Kanye recentlyrevealed to W magazine that he wrote the humble little ditty after an “unnamed designer” invited him to his show–on the condition that West not attend any other shows that season.
 "Cause it’s like, Yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go,” West lamented in the interview with W, " Man, I’m the number-one living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison. You can’t say that you love music and then say that Kanye West can’t come to your show.( Kanye's problem must be way more than just a fashion show invitation. Jacobs has been controlling him for many years.) via

And now the question is: Who was the offending designer? Fashionista is assuming it was someone who showed during Paris fashion week (West also mentions a French restaurant in “I Am a God). That's right, someone from Paris. 

That unnamed designer is definitely Marc Jacobs. 
 Kanye used to attend his fashion shows each season. He has not attented any LV Womenswear show for 2 years, he only attends the Mens LV show.In 2011 Kanye wasn't invited to the Louis Vuitton show, details nymag. I suppose they could not agree on MJ's conditions.  By the way this exclusive condition is not new to Jacobs. He usually has some models walk his show with "exclusive condition". So the model can walk ONLY his fashion show (for free), no other fashion shows. The Marc Jacobs runway models are paid in trade ( they can chose a piece of clothing). There was a big scandal in 2012 with Jacobs non-paying his models. I told you, Jacobs is egomaniac.
Marc Jacobs' power over Kanye West, Katie Grand, whose idea was to launch the LOVE Magazine?

Marc`s best friend Lorenzo with Givenchy`s Ricardo Tisci

Why is Kanye wearing kilt on his performances? 

Because his `buddy` MJ tells him so.

Marc Jacobs wearing kilt.
                                        Marc Jacobs with Kendall Jenner,
                                   the younger sister of Kim Kardashian
 Kendall Jenner walked the Marc Jacobs fashion show in a completely sheer top, it was her modeling debut.
Marc Jacobs and his 'gang'; Alessandra Ambrosio, Katie Grand,Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner presented the Fashion Media Award for Katie Grand in 2014 september
 Kendall said at the award:
“The first time I discovered LOVE, I realized the editor in chief, Katie Grand, had a fantastic, cool way of showing fashion. Fast-forward to my very first time doing NY Fashion Week—my agency called to say that I’d be meeting her for the Marc Jacobs show. I was so nervous, kind of like I am right now. Lucky for me, Katie was super nice and she booked me for the show. Since then we’ve shared many adventures, including my very own cover of LOVE.
Marc Jacobs supports and controls Kendall Jenner as well.
 Marc Jacobs with Katie Grand

“I don’t think anybody in the world thinks more of her than I do,” Marc Jacobs said of his longtime collaborator, Katie Grand, at The Daily Front Row’s second-annual Fashion Media Awards at the new Park Hyatt Hotel Friday night. “Well, maybe her husband, Steve, does!”

Marc Jacobs with Vanessa Hudgens (He made her famous and now leaked her nude pics)


Marc Jacobs with Miley Cyrus 
Kendall playing with Marc Jacobs's dog

Marc's dog with Cara Delevingne, model 

Guess, I don't need to explain why you see Cara Delenvigne everywhere lately. Delevingne’s rise to modeling stardom can be tracked back to Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand, who frequently puts Delevingne in (and even on the cover of) her magazine, Love. By the way Kate Moss ( the other woman who is so passionately french kissing Jacobs) is on the cover of the same issue of LOVE Magazine. It was Jacobs' idea to launch the Love Magazine and he put Katie Grand as editor in chief.The models featured in the magazine have to realise all his perverse fantasies in the editorials.

Miley Cyrus with new model Cara Delevingne

Jacobs booked Delevingne for his mainline and Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2013 catwalk shows, and picked her to appear nude on his 'Protect The Skin You're In' T-shirts to raise money for skin cancer research... she also starred in Jacobs's perverse short Louis Vuitton video. Marc loves Cara a lot, now he just wants Katie Grand to take responsibility for her instant success, so Jacobs can stay in the background.

Update!: Miley Cyrus went straight to the studio with Kanye West after appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Saturday (24.08.13).The 'Party in the USA' star went to record vocals for a ''top secret'' remix of Kanye's 'Blkkk Skkkn Head', skipping her own afterparty at New York's No. 8 club, according to the New York Post newspaper.

Let me unfold a few secret connections between Marc Jacobs, Kanye West and Hungarians. Marc Jacobs not just steals my ideas (and talented artists ideas from my country) for himself but for his friends also. For example his long-time friend Sofia Coppola copied my photos and my style for the Miss Dior Cherie Campaign. Read it here with evidences.

Marc Jacobs with the Fanning sisters. They have feautured in Marc Jacobs 

campaigns many times. Jacobs supports them.

Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs are best friends. 

Sofia supports Marc in his perverse games. (She is in love with Marc)






   Marc sent the Fanning sisters to Terry Richardson

A few photos that Jacobs copied with the Fanning sisters

                             Dakota featured the Marc Jacobs campaign at the age of 12

Marc usually copies my photos with the Fanning sisters, here are a few examples

Dakota's Oh Lola Marc Jacobs perfume ad has been banned for sexualizing 

underage girls

Miley Cyrus goes totally naked in her new video clip directed by Marc Jacobs' best buddy Terry Richardson.

                                                     The entire video clip was MJ's perverse idea. 

Miley Cyrus spent another day at Terry Richardson's photo studio. They took some more photos.

Marc Jacobs and Miley Cyrus... another celebrity controlled by the egomaniac MJ.

Marc Jacobs first invited Miley for his fashion show in 2013 February, then made Miley to dress up the same way I did on my photos last summer in 2012.

Jacobs first copied my high-waisted black shorts for his Winter 2013 Collection...
Miley goes everywhere wearing cropped tops, highwaisted shorts with black thigh-high boots lately.

Miley Cyrus attended a private party held by Marc Jacobs in Savannah, Georgia, on October 14 2010. Miley hit up the party held in honor of Robert Duffy.

Miley with Marc Jacobs' business partner Robert Duffy. She is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress.
Miley goes naked for Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs controls Miley from the background. Her performance at the VMA 2013 was completely MJ's idea.

Update! 2013 October!
In a new interview with Rankin’s Hunger magazine, Cyrus credits Jacobs—who recently featured her naked on a t-shirt to promote skin cancer awareness—for her introduction into the world of high fashion.

I work a lot with Marc Jacobs. He kind of brought me into fashion like when I was 16, that was when I started being around him and just learning from him. He kind of let me inspire some of his pieces and now I feel like its just having the right people around you.

Did you know that photographer Terry Richardson invited Miley to his studio just a few weeks before her VMA performance?

 Marc Jacobs`s best buddy  `uncle Terry` taught Miley how to dance at the VMA`s....
Felirat hozzáadása



Miley Cyrus with Marc's business partner Robert Duffy

 Miley Cyrus presented Marc Jacobs and his business partner Robert Duffy with the Superstar Award at Fashion Group International's 30th Annual Night of Stars on Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013.

Miley Cyrus with her supporters: Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy. The men who are responsible for her new shocking image.

Miley Cyrus with Katie Grand ( Marc's main supporter and the editor of LOVE magazine)


Katie Grand supports Marc Jacobs. She helped Marc to copy my ideas for many brands and magazines. 

2014 January UPDATE: Miley Cyrus is the star of Jacobs’ Spring 2014 ad campaign. Here’s the first image:

Miley Cyrus poses for Marc Jacobs campaign along with dead girl.

In the background of the shot taken by David Sims, one zombie-ish blonde model stares vacantly into space, while a seemingly lifeless redhead plays dead on the ground to her left.

Miley showed her support for the LGBT community by posting a photo of herself wearing a pro-gay rights campaign T-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs on Twitter two days ago.

Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga

Did you know that Jacobs has Lady Gaga in his pocket?

Here are some interesting information for you...
Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

Lady Gaga dressed up as a saint with halo around her head and 
sang for Jacobs at his party in 2009

Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga kissing

Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga

Marc Jacobs pulls Gaga`s strings. He talked her into getting an Angel inked on her head. It is not enough for Marc Jacobs, that Lady Gaga is wearing my style, the Angel Barta style ( for example the huge bows) he even wanted her to have an Angel tattoo on her head. He wants to control everyone! 
Why does the famous Lady Gaga
 let a fashion designer to control her?
Because she need the magazine covers, and the well-paying campaign contracts that Marc Jacobs gives her.

Marc Jacobs copied my own designed large fuchsia bow and made Gaga to wear it.

Marc Jacobs even designed a Louis Vuitton wheelchair for Gaga.

Lady Gaga with Marc`s supporter Lorenzo Martone

Read my interview for VICE: 

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