Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who started the whole gossip between Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin?

You want to know who is the brain behind this drama between Selena and Justin?

  Well, first let me introduce you Barbara Palvin, a 19 year old Hungarian model, whose carrier started in 2010, at the age of 16, when Marc Jacobs started to support her. You might not know yet, that she is actually 3 inch shorter than the minimum model height. On her setcards they dont say it, of course.

  Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand casted her to all of their fashion shows: Prada,Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Giles, Louis Vuitton.
She worked only in magazines where Katie Grand has connects, like Love, Jalouse, L'Officiel.
She said in many interviews that Katie Grand helped her a lot, when she casted her to all the shows.

She walked on the Vuitton show as a completely beginner, in 2010. Although there were only supermodels in that show. You can see how short she actually is.

Katie Grand with Marc Jacobs, they've been working together for more decades
Why is this scandal between Palvin and Bieber good for Marc Jacobs?
Because, Marc Jacobs wants to use the fame and popularity of Justin to make Barbara more famous.
You might ask now, why is it worth for an american fashion designer, Marc Jacobs to support a short Hungarian model, when there are so many tall models in the world?
Marc Jacobs with Angel Barta
Well, the real drama is here...
Marc Jacobs is obsessed with another young Hungarian girl, called Angel Barta. He has been torturing her for 5 years.
How and why does he torture Angel, the hungarian girl?
Well, Angel is a fashion designer, who wanted to became a topmodel, when she was 16 years old. She met Marc Jacobs in Paris in 2008. Marc noticed Angel's unique style and talent for fashion design at the first moment. He decided he would use Angel's talent for himself and he would became more successfull than ever. He wanted to keep her in a secret and hide from the fashion world where got all this new ideas and inspirations... so he started to fool Angel with love promises, and telling her he would make a topmodel out of her, just give him fashion designs and love.
Angel fell in love with him and believed him for 2 years... but MJ still has not helped her he just continiously designed her ideas under his own name. He became obsessed with the girl.
The girl wanted Marc to leave her alone. So she wrote a 480 pages long book about their relationship. It was published in 2010.
After MJ read the book, as a revenge he gave all of Angel's dreams to Barbara Palvin, another girl from her country.
Marc Jacobs started to pressure Angel by putting Barbara in magazines, campaigns, in the poses of Angel. The model had to act like Angel in the editorials.
Marc said: " I will support Barbara as long as you don't stop to want to became a fashion designer!"
Why Marc doesn't want Angel to became a fashion designer?
Because it is a very good business for MJ to design the ideas of the young, talented girl for many brands.
 He has been torturing Angel for 5 years, meanwhile he enjoys life. He does everything to ignore Angel's person from the fashion world. She can't get a job as a designer, because Marc Jacobs doesn't let her to.
He won many international awards after he started to use her ideas, even a "Half-life-time achievement Award"
You want to know what will be the next gossip Marc Jacobs will use for Barbara's carrier?...
You can already see the fake photo about the next victim of Barbara on her facebook...
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