Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The cat is finally out of the bag. Read Marc Jacobs' pathetic try to defend his reputation

 The biggest LIE I've heard this year came from Winona Ryder ( the actress who was ARRESTED FOR SHOPLIFTING some years ago)

Marc Jacobs with Winona Ryder

Winona said: "Marc Jacobs is a fashion maestro. Marc and I have a history. He's an incredibly generous person. I really appreciate our relationship. When he does a collection, he's not ripping others off."  via belfast telegraph

OMG! That's such a big lie and so pathetic! Marc Jacobs asked her puppet to defend him and his reputation in public. Marc Jacobs has no original ideas of his own and it hurts him.

"he's not ripping others off???"  How can someone say such thing about Marc Jacobs? We all know about the Adidas-Marc by Marc Jacobs trademark infringement. Adidas sued Marc Jacobs this year for ripping off their iconic 3 stripes mark.

Wait a minute! I am wondering.. Why does Marc Jacobs need to defend himself? Why did he ask his friend Winona to say such things about him in an interview? Maybe Jacobs is getting afraid that the truth will be out on how he is torturing me for 7 years? 1 million 164. thousand people have read the truth on my blog already.

 In the last few days I have exposed more and more photos that Jacobs copied in the last 7 years.
 Now people open their eyes and they see what he really is. Everyone can see that he is such a shameless person, he cares of noone except himself and his own success. He is copying my art, my work meanwhile he is torturing me and my soul.

Who is Winona Ryder?
Who is this person who claims Jacobs is such a generous person?

Winona is a quite famous actress. Winona Ryder and Jacobs are long time friends. Jacobs supports Winona from the background for many years. Jacobs dresses her very often. She is usually sitting front-row at the Marc Jacobs fashion shows. Plus she is featuring in the Marc Jacobs 2015 Winter campaign. 

So shall we believe Winona? Is she being honest?

Did you know that Winona was arrested for shoplifting at the Marc Jacobs store in 2001?


Winona attended the MY HERO GALA with Marc Jacobs and his long time business partner Robert Duffy. The 3 of them are really close friends.


Marc Jacobs and Winona Ryder.


Marc Jacobs and his gang.

Winona Ryder with Robert Duffy and Marc Jacobs

Winona wearing a Marc Jacobs dress. photo via vogue.com

photos via zimbio.com

Natalia Vodianova
Marc Jacobs


                                                  Cara Delevingne

Lindsey Wixson, the mentored model of Marc Jacobs

Elle Fanning are Dakota Fanning are both mentored by Marc Jacobs since they were 12 years old.



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Marc Jacobs has been torturing me and stealing my designs for 7 years.

Excerpt from my book

Raf Simons exits Dior after he copied my work.

Marc Jacobs is controlling Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and more.

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