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The Secret Love Affair with Marc Jacobs book quote

Quote from my book, "The Secret Love Affair in Paris"
( The true Story of How Marc Jacobs has been torturing me for years)


Read a quote from my book:
The next morning I went to a café. Marc sent me a text message a minute after I sat down, telling me how beautiful I was without make-up today. I was surprised since I really wasn't wearing any make-up, my hair was straight, and I looked quite simple compared to usually. I asked him how he knew that.
" My senses are very good at detecting beauty." he answered.
" Claire, go out and check to see if anyone followed us here!" I told Claire. I was scared and had a bad feeling. Claire smoked a cigarette outside then came back to report what she saw.
" I think there is spy outside. A man is sitting alone in a car and looking at us like he's waiting for us."
"Oh, my God! I want to see him too!"
The man was sitting in his car on some narrow street. When we passed him he didn't even move his head. He followed us only with his eyes. He tried so hard to act nonchalantly that it was obvious that he was a spy. We walked away and within five minutes we heard that a car was following us. It was him again, the same guy in the same car. When we noticed him, he turned aside quickly. We saw the guy at the Palais Royale later.
This is insane. Why is Marc having someone follow me? Because of jelousy? Doesn't he trust me? I don't get it.
In the evening I wanted to throw in the towel with this whole game. Marc had hurt me a lot. He demanded his photos once again. He didn't understand that I couldn't give him any pictures that day.
It was very late; Claire was already snoring next to me so I turned off the light while I was texting with Marc. When I did he told me to turn the light back on and not go to sleep yet.
" Claire! Wake up! We are sorrounded by cameras!"
"What?" Claire jumped out of bed. She was so scared. We looked out the window. There was a big office building with many big windows in front of us. I had a feeling that someone was watching us from one of them. It crossed my mind that after my shower that day I had been walking around the room wearing only panties. I remembered the see-through curtains on our windows. He must have seen that too! He saw me hal-naked!!!!
" Don't tell me you saw me walking around half-naked in my room or I'll dig a big hole and hide in it" I typed to Marc. When he read that, he got furios and changed his mood on myspace from 'in love' to 'ninja'. Aries always behave like this when they are caught. Finally, we made peace but I couldn't sleep since it bothered me that he wanted to know everything about me. These spies were just way too much. I felt like he was imposing on my freedom, which is very important to me.
Another page from my book:

      I went to meet up with some friends to tell them what happened. They might cheer me up and give me some good advice. Luckily my always cheerful, loud-mouth, cool friend Stacey was there visiting me.  You can have really good conversations with her. I told her my story with Marc Jacobs.
   Listen to me, Angel. You-HAVE-to-change!  - she shook me in order to convince me. I could see the simpathy and empathy on her face.
 Wake up! This is September eight and you have been talking to this jerk for ten hours a day since summer! I don't see a room full of Louis Vuitton bags he sent you, like I should if he were for real. He's just using you! He calls you and talks to you because he likes it. You're just a game for him!

   My friend, Claire was furios. She kept wondering aloud what kind of jackass Marc was. She couldn't understand that someone could do that to me, how someone could deny my little wish, just to walk his runway once. It wouldn't be a big deal since there were eighty models in the show! Why couldn't I be one of them?
 Marc called me from on the day of the show because he wanted to hear my voice.

 The day of the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show...

   I was in bad mood all day. By that time I agreed with Claire that Marc was a jerk and I wouldn't be in his show. That guy didn't care about my feelings or what I felt as I watched the show. It broke my heart. I didn't know any more that I would bear his child or even marry him. I just lay in my bed all day. I didn't feel like going out. I felt like he had shattered my dreams, like he had broken something inside me.. I didn't have a goal in life any more. I lost all my energy. The only thing I wished for was amnesia so I could forget the last six month.

 " He really is a dick, Angel. I would love to beat him on the head! He sure knew how to make you crazy for him, though. What a jerk!" Claire was really upset, maybe more then I was.
"But Marc sent me something... a video on facebook. There is a little mouse teasing a cat. He's jumping in front of the cat then disappearing. The cat tries to catch him but can't."

   The only thing I could think about was him fitting the clothes on the models. I didn't understand how he could have the heart to do that to me. To put clothes on the models, seeing how bored they were of this stuff, and knowing how happy I would have been if he had put the clothes on me. He knew that was my biggest dream, that that was the only missing from my life and that he could easily give it to me.
  Maybe he doesn't love me. I always thought that the lovesick one would give anything to his love.
I decided that I would do everything I could to get Marc out of my mind. I wanted to destroy this strong feeling and never have it again. I didn't want to love him any more. I knew that the person would come into my life, the one who would love me honestly and give me everything and would never be as cruel as Marc had been.
The worst thing of it all was the stress. I waited for his call every minute of every day for months. My friends told he that he was a devil because he should have told me that he didn't intend to help me and not led me on like that. I wrote a text to Marc on the first of September, asking whether he would help me be a model or not. He didn't respond, but I would respond to anyone in the world, whether I knew them or not, let alone if I loved them. So he respected me even less than that.

The next day I watched his show on the internet.

Marc designed my style. He couldn't copy me exactly.
" It's surprising, Angel, that the design group with so many people who have hundreds of pictures of you in many different styles still couldn't combine the pieces correctly. It seems like they tried to make up for their lack of creativity with a multitude of designers. " Claire declared her oppinion after seeing Marc's clothes.
 " But they have even been to fashion college and have ages of experience with one of the biggest companies, they earn millions of dollars and they still couldn't copy me exactly. " I responded.

Since I wasn't on facebook after his fashion show, he started to call me on my phone again. He wanted to hear my voice every day. I sent Marc my farewell letter:

" I am disappointed in my dream man whom I loved with deep feelings.
I am disappointed in dreams, wishes, about our future together.
I thought you were like me... I was too optimistic. I won't speak with you any more "

He did not let me go... He kept calling me and writing me every day... he needed my ideas and my inspiration for his carreer.

My new video and my message for Marc Jacobs:

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