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Marc Jacobs is obsessed with women, it seems that he is not that gay !

Marc Jacobs with me, Angel Barta

    I am Angel Barta, writer and fashion designer at Angel Barta VIP Couture.  Marc Jacobs has been stalking me and using my ideas without my permission for 5 years. He designed my style for many big brands. There are more articles and photos on my blog. Read my latest post with many updates and new infos, click here

  My book was published in 2010. In my book I wrote about my love romance with Marc Jacobs. It is about the first two years of our relationship and details on how he terrorizes me.

   In public MJ says that he is gay, so You may ask now, what is the truth then? Is MJ gay? Or Straight? Or both?!

    Marc is very often seen with men in public, of course there are some exceptions when he is french kissing and hugging, touching women with such a strong masculine desire and passion on his face.
He makes his perverse desire for women stand out in his ad campaigns. Here is one example the Daisy perfum ad with Daisy Lowe back in 2008.

In his latest Bang perfum ad, he is modeling on the pictures, the girl is called Angela.

Marc Jacobs, women and french kisses...
He just can't get enough of them!
MJ feels so free and great when he is sorrounded by young girls, enjoys their company and kisses a lot...

Here are a couple of pictures of Marc kissing women... She is Rachel Zoe, famous stylist from Los Angeles. She dresses the celebrities in Marc's clothes. For example Anne Hathaway in Pink Prada dress for the Oscar.

Marc Jacobs with Cara Delevingne.

Guess, I don't need to explain why you see Cara Delenvigne everywhere lately. Delevingne’s rise to modeling stardom can be tracked back to Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand, who frequently puts Delevingne in (and even on the cover of) her magazine, Love. By the way Kate Moss ( the other woman who is so passionately french kissing Jacobs) is on the cover of the same issue of LOVE Magazine. It was Jacobs' idea to launch the Love Magazine and he put Katie Grand as editor in chief. The models featured in the magazine have to realize all his perverse fantasies in the editorials.

"Backstage after the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 show Jacobs said the show was about "a woman who gets dressed up, but then decides she'd rather stay in her hotel room. There's a certain decadence to that. I had in mind certain friends of mine, who walked in the show but shall remain nameless, with whom I've spent many, many nights getting dressed up in hotel rooms."

A gentlemen never tells, but the name of Moss, a close friend of Jacobs, hung heavy in the air." Text Via Guardian

Jacobs and Kate Moss kissing

Katie Grand`s LOVE magazine cover

                                             A Photo from Jurgen Teller's Marc Jacobs book...

Marc Jacobs with a topless model at his office drinking mojito. photo via Katie Grand's instagram


 MJ standing proudly in front of the Vogue Louis Vuitton Calendar, in 2008. On the cover there is a Hungarian model, Enikő Mihalik, he casted her. That was the beginning of her and other Hungarian models' international careers.

They copied my photo with the same Hungarian model, Eniko Mihalik in Vogue

Marc got a Champagne campaign for Eniko this year in 2013, where they copied a photo from my lookbook.

Another photo that Jacobs copied with the same Hungarian model

Marc Jacobs the cruel Manipulator
  Everybody knows that Marc Jacobs works for Louis Vuitton and his own line in New York. But there is something that only a few people know... It is that he controls many other brands too. He decides what will be the trends at most of the fashion companies and who will be the next topmodels...He casts the girls for Nina Ricci, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel campaignes. His favourite girls are on the covers of the big fashion magazines. He tells the concepts for the Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Love editorials. He is egomaniac and wants to control everything!

  His long-time supporter, friend and collegue, Katie Grand helpes Marc in everything. She is the editor of Love Magazin, Pop and stylist for many big brands. Marc Jacobs copied my ideas for Prada too with the help of Katie Grand.

   Here are some photos from the editorial of Industrie magazine, where Marc Jacobs the official creative director of Louis Vuitton was dressed only in Prada outfits. Prada and Louis Vuitton are not even the part of the same fashion group. Than why does he wear Prada all the time even in Magazines?

On the photoshoot Katie Grand was the stylist, of course. Marc Jacobs is wearing the same coat as the young 13 years old girl Ondria in the Prada video in 2011. The girl worked for Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs as well, now she is in the new Chanel campaign at the age less than 15. ( Marc Jacobs discovered her and put her in many shows and editorials she features MJ's latest Cruise 2014 lookbook.)

Ondria is the face of the Marc Jacobs make-up in 2013

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2014 with Ondria, who is only 16 now and was 13 in the Prada Video


Here is the erotic Prada Ad Campaign video with the 13 years old Ondria, who is touching her legs in a suggestive manner...The video was MJ's idea. He casted through Katie Grand.
What is this video? A Fashion ad for selling bags? Or sexuall teasing?

News-2013 June : ONDRIA HARDIN IS MARC’S NEW DAKOTA FANNING: Marc Jacobs has traditionally young muses, like Dakota Fanning who famously fronted his main line’s spring ’07 ads when she was just 13, and he has been obsessed with sixteen-year-old Ondria for years now. Choosing her as the face of his beauty line pretty much cements her as his go-to girl. text via NYLON MAG

Here is Kinga Rajzak, a Hungarian model in the Prada ad campaign holding the big colourful fur scarf, the same as Marc Jacobs is wearing on the picture.

                                                             Kinga and Katie Grand


Marc Jacobs wore silk PRADA pajamas in the finale of his latest Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 collection.
 and for his Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, a Comme des Garcons pajamas. ( He copied my magenta-blue coat for Comme the Garcons)

Lady Gaga wearing Comme des Garcon dress... Marc Jacobs designed that dress, after he saw my coat.

Marc copied my other coat for his latest Fall 2013 collection.

I was wearing black high waisted bodyhugging shorts in 2012 summer and Marc Jacobs designed more shorts in his latest Fall 2013 Collection.
He copies anything I do, ANYTHING!
18 years old Lily McMenamy had to walk topless on his latest fashion show in New York. She said Marc told her how to hold her breasts in one hand. Marc did not let her go home until Read my article with details: If you want to walk the Marc Jacobs runway, all you have to do is to satisfy his perverse fantasy.

MJ's Oh lola Parfum ad was banned in the UK, because it was sexualizing an under-age girl, Dakota Fanning

Marc as a guest at the Miu Miu fashion show, wearing Prada shoes.

Katie Grand the main supporter of Marc Jacobs in his cruel game and soul terror against me.

What do I mean by " soul - terror"?

   Well, I mean, that Marc Jacobs has been using my ideas and my talent for 5 years, without my permission. He designed my ideas for many international fashion brands under his name. That talent and style was born with ME, but he took it for himself for his own success. He never gave me any credit for my time and work.
    But there is something more cruel than the copying, it is that he took advantage of my pure feelings for him.All I asked from him was to walk on his catwalk, to experience that feeling. He never gave that to me, instead, he did everything he could, so I could not get a job as a model. He fooled me with love and marriage proposals, he said he would make a topmodel out of me. He said that only because he wanted to keep me in a secret and keep using my talent for himself and enjoy the success he got.

    He does ANYTHING he can to make me give up my goal to be a fashion designer. He psycho-tortures me in many ways: 

   For example; he copies my photos and my own designed clothes, meanwhile he puts other girls from my country on the covers of the magazines, wearing my designs and poising like I do, copying me.

  Marc is more then happy to show me that he helps many other Hungarian models (from my country) and makes topmodels out of them meanwhile he does everything he can to ignore my person from the fashion world. I can't get a job as a fashion designer. He stalks me, sends spyware to my computer. He sent people after me, to follow me all day everywhere and take photos of me, so he knows what I do, where and when I do.

    The reason I am writing down the truth is that I hope that many people will read and someone who has the chance will help for the truth to be out in public. Because If we humans don't help each other then who will?
   I'd like to be free again! This fashion designer has been stalking and torturing since I was only 16 years old.
    I ask everyone who has simpathy with me and who supports the truth to share my articles with more people!

Here is a quote from my book... and from a magazine later...

   So he is using my designs for his own success, meanwhile he gives all my dreams for OTHER Hungarian girls, to pressure me and break me. He copies my photos for editorials in big fashion magazines and casts Hungarian girls. Other girls are wearing my designs in the magazines and they have to copy me, my poses in the photos. Katie Grand casted many Hungarian beginner models in all her key shows and shoots.

     Marc Jacobs does not want me to have the energy to let the truth out so that people will know that all of his creations were originally my ideas. He designs my style, my soul, everything that is me!
Marc is more than pleased to show me how other girls easily get success in the fashion world through him, meanwhile he ignores me from the fashion industry.
 After Marc Jacobs read my book, he knew all my desires, wishes. He used these informations against me. He found some Hungarian models and made all my dreams come true for them.

    There is one girl, Barbara Palvin, who is 3 inch shorter than the minimum model height. At the age of 16, when she was a beginner model, Katie Grand casted Barbara in all her key shows and shoots. She only worked with Jacobs and Katie Grand. Barbara walked first at Prada, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, although there were only supermodels on that show, like Bar Rafaeli, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr, Leticia Casta, Elle McPherson etc. Only big names, she was the only beginner model at the show. Marc started her carrier.
Marc Jacobs started the gossips about Barbara and Justin Bieber. Marc was the one who helped her to get to walk in the Victoria's Secret show. She is 3 inch shorter than the model minium height.

Felirat hozzáadása

She was 7cm/ 3 inch shorter than the model minimum height

Barbara At the Giles show in 2010. Giles Deacon fashion designer is a collegue of Katie Grand, and used to be her love.

                         Another Hungarian girl in the Marc Jacobs Daisy Ad Campaign in 2010

In my book I wrote about my most ardent wish to walk in the Chanel fashion hand in hand with Karl Lagerfeld and close the show with him in the finale... Jacobs made that dream come true for another Hungarian girl, Barbara Palvin... a couple of months after my book was published.
A few months later, he continued to pressure me... he gave my other dream for that girl... read the quotes from my book and from a magazine...
 A Hungarian male model, whose first job ever was the Marc by Marc Jacobs show, Marc discovered him on the internet and he had to fly to New York only for Marc's fashion show. What a coincidence, a Hungarian again!

In February 2013, A Hungarian model, Vanessa Axente was the first-face/ the opening model of the Marc by Marc Jacobs show.  The boy, Kristóf Pituk is Hungarian too, it was his first show. Vanessa is the face of Prada. She has been the face of the brand for 3 seasons!

Here are some of my photos that Marc copied, and put the same short Hungarian model on it, she is wearing Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu outfits, Marc's designs.

Vogue Germany editorial with the same Hungarian model, Barbara Palvin. She had to poise the same way I did. She is even touching her shoes just like I did on my photo.

For his Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Campaign Jacobs copied every details from my photos that were taken in 2008 in Paris
He used Rubble/Freestone background and a painting. The model had the same poise on the picture.

Models sitting on a barstool
Watch me on this video where I send a message for Marc Jacobs, the Thief of the Century!

I made this video in 2012 summer. I was wearing my own designes stripped Angel Barta dress. In 2012 summer polka dots were the must have trends of the summer. 2 months later Jacobs designed a collection full of stripped outfits... each single outfit was stripped! 

Beth Ditto and Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs and Beth Ditto were very good friends from the beginning of her fame. After my book about Marc Jacobs was published, Marc wrote a song about my book and asked Beth Ditto to sing it. Of course she said yes! The title of the song: " I Wrote The Book"

               On the cover of Katie Grand's Love Magazine

Marc Jacobs and Joe Jonas

  This was not the only time when MJ wrote a song for a singer. Here is another example.
  Joe Jonas, a young american singer, who is as close friends with the designer, that he even lived in Marc' apartment for a couple of months, in New York.( Read more details on
Of course Jonas could not say no to Marc when he asked him to sing this song about my love with Marc. Watch the video, it was recorded in Paris, you will see at 2:15, that the girl in the clip is called Angel, like me and at 0:50 the boy writes " Angel" with redlipstick.

Marc Jacobs copies my ideas for Nina Ricci also. His ex right hand Peter Copping fashion designer got the creative director job at Nina Ricci in 2009. He left his position at Louis Vuitton. Marc got him that job, this way he can controll everything at Nina Ricci too... the young Hungarian model I told you about, was at the Nina Ricci show also, in her first season... Katie Grand works for NR too.

Peter Copping, fashion designer used to work at LV for more than 10 years.
This how they could copy my ideas with the flower bouquet inside a bag.

Marc Jacobs has many personalities...
Once he is a Godfather, who manipulates everyone around him...

Or the Devil himself

He went to the MET Gala, the most sophisticated event of the year, wearing a seethrough lace dress, with white underwear... then to the opening of his Louis Vuitton exhibition wearing a bright pink night -gown like dress...

Click here to read how Marc Jacobs designs my ideas for Dior.

Watch my video in 2011 in front of the Louis Vuitton tent, where I have to stand outside, while the models are inside, trying on the clothes, that were my designs originally... but I can't go in. click here
This is how I suffer everytime Marc Jacobs has a fashion show.

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Marc Jacobs makes Lady Gaga wear Angel Style! Read how he controls Gaga

If you support the truth, please help me and share my link!

About Me 

I am Angel Barta, fashion designer. Many fashion brands have been using my ideas and designing my style for 5 years.Now I am ready to take credit for my work, and I'd like to work for a big fashion brand and design MY ideas under MY own name! You can check my lookbook on:

If you want to know more details read my other articles too.

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You can check my lookbook, with some of my creations on:

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