Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adidas sues the notorious fashion thief, Marc Jacobs for trademark infringement

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The notorius Fashion Thief, Marc Jacobs got caught!

Marc Jacobs has been stealing my designs and ideas for more than 7 years. Since I did not file a lawsuit against him, he thought he could always get away with stealing. He became worse and did more and more cruel things to me and stole my designs in very sneaky ways. But this time Karma has reached Marc in the person of the Adidas. Marc's birthday present is not other, than a lawsuit filed against his company. First he had to shut down his Marc by Marc Jacobs label and now this. ( By the way Marc Jacobs gave my ideas for Pharrell Williams for his collaboration with Adidas.  They copied my fabric and designs from my 2014 Angel Barta VIP Couture collection)

Adidas slapped Marc Jacobs Intl. with a trademark infringement lawsuit Wednesday, accusing the company of selling a line of sweaters with stripes down the sleeve that Adidas claims infringe its iconic adidas three-stripe mark.

Adidas  on the left, Marc by Marc Jacobs clothes on the right
The lawsuit claims the Marc Jacobs apparel is likely to be confused with Adidas' mark. The complaint seeks unspecified monetary or statutory damages and an injunction to prevent the continued sale of the Marc Jacobs apparel.

Adidas accuses Marc Jacobs of “intentionally” adopting a clothing design to imitate the three-stripe mark in a bid to capitalize off its popularity. According to the complaint, Adidas has registered its mark for use on shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, vests, coats, athletic shorts and other apparel.

Adidas suggests in the complaint that the allegedly infringing clothing is similar to a line of its own Y-3 line of apparel designed in collaboration with fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. The Y-3 line, which has been sold in department stores includes dresses and other clothing that features three parallel line designs.

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Here is one picture on the Pharrell Williams Adidas collaboration. Jacobs gave my designs and fabric patterns to his friend, Pharrell. Pharrell lost his lawsuit against the Gaye family over the Blurred lines song.


Here are a few examples from the many, that Jacobs copied. Jacobs gives the ideas he steals from me, to other brands.

Marc Jacobs bag looks exactly like my designed Angel Barta VIP Couture bag

Jacobs's friend Pharrell Williams lost his lawsuit against the Gaye family over Blurred Lines. Read how Jacobs told Pharrell to copy that song.

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